Miles High Records, a record label favoring the artist with high royalties as the artist produces, promotes, and controls the destiny of their own product. We assist and guide the independent artist at doing business in the record business. With the advances in internet technology, the record business has changed so that there is room for many more independent artists who can get their music out to the world with street and internet distribution. Miles High connects that artist to distribution.

President and owner of Miles High Records is an artist owner himself, with seven CD's out as vibraphonist/composer Mark Sherman. After releasing many CD's independently and watching the transformation of the record business Mr Sherman decided to open his record company up to other artists who want to release and own their own product. "In this climate that surrounds the record business it has become obvious to me that an independent artist can do as much for their own careers as any record company can, as a huge part of the revenue stream and promotion come through the internet. In addition the artist cares more than anyone else about the course of their career". You only need look at the staggering number of record stores(2700) that have closed in the last year in the United States. Even one of the biggest chains in the world in Tower records went bankrupt last year.

Miles High Records distributes through City hall Records and the huge download distribution company IODA, that services over 300 different music download and ring tone download companies. The artists product not only ends up on Itunes, Emusic, and the otherhousehold names on the internet but there are 100's of other sites which sell downloadable music, and downloadable cellular phone ringtones.

For all artists interested in this sort of path for their music please contact us through the contact page on this site.